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Cisco ACI Starter Kit Request

Start reconstructing your infrastructure with Cisco ACI bundles

A Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) starter bundle has everything you need to create a Cisco ACI POD, including a resilient cluster of three Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APICs), eight 40G optics, and, depending on which bundle is selected, two fixed or modular spine switches and two or four leaf switches, detailed below:

  1. Two fixed spine switches, four leaf Switches with 192 ports
  2. Two fixed spine switches, four leaf switches with 384 ports
  3. Two modular spine switches, two leaf switches with 96 ports
  4. Two modular spine switches, two leaf switches with 192 ports

These Cisco ACI starter bundles enable customers to begin deployments for testing or production operations. The simple, fixed-price licensing for a set of leaf ports means there is no penalty for running multiple virtual machines per server, therefore allowing you to predict the costs of running your software-defined networking (SDN) infrastructure.

Complete the form below to get your starter kit. You’ll see how the cost of a Cisco ACI POD is less than the cost of dedicated x86 hardware gateways, how Cisco ACI delivers software flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance, and how you can centralize policy-based control and automation for any application using Cisco APIC.

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Learn more about Cisco ACI by downloading this white paper.